Ready to Work: Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity

Jul 1, 2014

Many businesses, community colleges, and state and local training programs – often funded with federal dollars – have found ways to successfully prepare Americans for these jobs. We must expand on these successful efforts and ensure that our entire system is learning from them. Some training programs aren't working well enough, and we're taking aggressive action to focus them on partnerships that train for in-demand skills and that match into in-demand jobs.Our job-driven training review included dialogue with governors, mayors, and county officials from across the country; Congressional leaders from both parties; economists who study labor markets and job opportunity; innovative and successful workforce and training practitioners serving Americans in all walks of life; labor unions whose apprenticeship programs have shown millions of Americans a path to middle-class jobs; educators in high school career academies, community colleges and universities; and some of our country's most brilliant social entrepreneurs and technology innovators.

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